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PES 2017 Kits Updates 7 August by BK-201

PES 2017 Kits Updates 7 August by BK-201

Borussia and more

This kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits (you can add the third kit as a goalkeeper kit if you want), 3 player kits (home and away with their respective combinations) and the “not yet released” Champions League home shirt (if it needs an update, I’ll fix it as soon as I can).
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nh78n
Password: peskits2017bk201

Toluca CD 2017-2018
The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits. The third player kit can also be used for goalkeepers.
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFe7
Password: peskits2017bk201

Tigres UANL 2017-2018
This kitset contains 3 goalkeeper kits, and also 3 player kits (home, away, and also the black third kit they still haven’t used).
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFcL
Password: peskits2017bk201

Pumas UNAM 2017-2018
The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits and 2 home/away kits, with their respective combinations.
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFd9
Password: peskits2017bk201

Atlas FC 2017-2018
The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits and two combinations for home/away kits.
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFbl
Password: peskits2017bk201

Pachuca CF 2017-2018
This kitset includes 4 (!) goalkeeper kits, and 3 player kits (home, away, third), including an extra combination for the home kit.
GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFax
Password: peskits2017bk201

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